Hopkins County Joint Planning Commission 

office (270) 825-4457 
fax (270) 825-5019 

What is planning?

  • According to KRS Chapter 100.111 "Planning operations" means the formation of plans for the physical development and social and economic well being of a planning unit, and the formulating of  proposals for the means of implementing the plans.

On a local level, this means:

  • An organized way of determining community needs and setting goals and objectives to address the needs.
  • A process that can help move a community from today's reality to tomorrow's possibilities.
  • Bridging the gap from where we are to where we want to go.

Our Mission

  1. Prepare for the future
  2. Accommodate the present
  3. Anticipate Change
  4. Maximize community strengths
  5. Minimize community weakness
  6. Respond to legislative charge
  7. Secure a sense of community coordination
  8. Deal with a scarce resource
  9. Build a sense of community
  10. Provide for the public health, safety and welfare.

Who are we?

Commission members:

  • Greg Hefton- Hanson
  • Tim Thomas- Madisonville
  • Kim Harper- Madisonville
  • Janet Wyatt- Earlington
  • Ronnie Creekmur- Mortons Gap
  • Anita Black- Dawson Springs
  • Lisa Lee- Hopkins County
  • Karen McKnight- Hopkins County


  • Derek E. Adkins- Director
  • Cynthia Young- Administrative Assistant

What we do...

  • Floodplain management
  • E911 Addressing and maintaining the Master street Address Guide database for E911
  • Grant writing
  • Administer the building permit program for the county both residential & commercial